The Talented Nature and Nurture of FlowXS

(Dance Duo FlowXS)

When you think of famous siblings in entertainment, it’s likely the actors who come to mind: Hemsworth, Gyllenhaal, Affleck, and Olsen. Music has their Allmans, Jacksons, and Gallaghers but not since the Nicholas Brothers danced with Cab Calloway has the modern world seen a duo like FlowXS aka Michael and Kevin Scheitzbach. These Canadian brothers have steadily risen in their notoriety and prominence with productions in their home country and have recently broken into the Hollywood scene with work on Disney films like Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2. Growing up in a home where their parents were actual DJs laid a foundation that was certain to cultivate some artistic expression in the boys who have already accumulated a long list of credits while barely entering adulthood. They note that there is a professional and personal shorthand they intuitively share which has allowed them to work so well on varied projects whether they be dancing, choreographing, or a combination of both. Among the numerous things they share are a host of awards they’ve both earned which includes: the IDO (International Dance Organization) Bronze Medal Award, City of Brampton Arts Acclaim Award, Monsters of Hip Hop Show Nomination, The Dance Xperience/Nexus Protégé Award, and the Manifesto “Up Next” award. Dance competition shows, dance themed scripted TV series, and films have increasingly become a fascination of the global viewing audience. Michael and Kevin’s early exposure on Canadian shows like Make it Pop and Rockids TV has evolved into red carpet appearances at the premiere of Disney films in which they appear. FlowXS is yet to become a household name with the international public but film and TV professionals know fully well that this will soon change.

Americans might not be as aware as Canadians of the hit TV show The Next Step (TNS); an understandable detail as the program airs in Canada, but the high level of talent in this show’s dance centric storyline has cultivated exceptional talent. It’s also notably where FlowXS first received their major national exposure. Created by Frank van Keekan, TNS has earned multiple BAFTA Awards, numerous Canadian Screen Awards, and a Writer’s Guild of Canada award. It is the unparalleled production of its kind in Canada, known for discovering remarkable young talent. While Kevin had appeared previously on the show’s first season, the brothers performed together in seasons four and seven as a duo Hard Ice, sometimes playing the main rivals one of certain TNS characters. In season seven, their characters were particularly arrogant which gave Michael and Kevin a chance to flex their “bad guy” acting chops. TNS casting director and head choreographer Amy Wright had been a long-time fan of FlowXS and invited them to audition together for the other casting directors and producers. They were so impressed that the duo was not only invited to appear on TNS but also to choreograph their own performances for the show. Michael comments, “It was an eye-opening experience being able to present our own choreography on such a well-known and highly popular show. Being on this show before was a lot of fun and we are friends with a lot of the cast, but this time I think there was a bit of added pressure on us because they put their trust in us to deliver a very strong, competitive, opposing routine for one of the leads. They already knew that we are creative and dynamic dancers with similar calibre and dance experience as the main characters so it was nice to showcase our skills.”

(Kevin of FlowXS)

FlowXS has been a part of George Jones Jr.’s “The Vibe Xclusive” since 2016. Jones Jr. is known for his work with world famous talent that includes Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and others. The Vibe Xclusive is his all-male professional dance company which performs at major dance events in cities like New York City and Los Angeles. George brought FlowsXS aboard to serve as Dance Captains, teaching choreography to the other members, liaising information, running rehearsals, and cleaning routines to ensure The Vibe Xclusive maintains its prestigious status. On top of this, Michael and Kevin act as George’s assistant choreographers and professional demonstrators that travel with him across Canada and in the future, the United States of America. They will also have job opportunities such as roles in TV dance shows and live performances through Bloc Talent Agency.

(Michael of FlowXS)

Travelling the world to perform live, teaching choreography, appearing on TV and in Film, there are a number of avenues for modern dancers to assemble a career and the Scheitzbach brothers plan on pursuing all possibilities. Kevin notes, “The toughest aspect of being a dancer in modern times is that you’re never guaranteed to have a steady job. Movies, TV, and live stage work does not happen all the time. Even if you get an audition, there is no guarantee of booking the job. If you’re passionate about dance and creativity like us, you find many ways to keep doing what you love. The life of an artist is in no way easy but it is incredibly fulfilling. Compensation is not always necessarily in terms of money but also in the opportunity to do that thing which you love everyday of your life. Yes, it’s great to attend a Hollywood premier of a major film that you are in but those quiet moments when you are pushing yourself to be your best, even when you are alone in the studio; those are just as incredible because you are achieving what you’ve worked so hard to master.”

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